Pavers, Brick, and Stone Patios in Charlotte

The first step in outdoor living is the step out onto your Charlotte patio. It’s the basis for the rest of your backyard. Our patios integrate seamlessly with your property, to make that first step into fresh air a pleasant experience every time. They are durable and will be a lasting investment.

Life is Better Outside on The Patio

The options for creating a stunning patio design are endless. Because of that, designing a stone patio in Charlotte can seem overwhelming at times, but we’re here to walk you through the process with your many years experience. Rest assured knowing every Charlotte patio we install is constructed according to best practices to help prevent settlement, and allow for proper drainage. 


Since your patio is the visual foundation of your outdoor living area, the design is key, and needs to be carefully considered at the front-end of the creative process.

stone patio charlotte nc

Our hardscapes are backed by a 5 year warranty and can serve as an investment that increases the value of your property.


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4 Reasons Having a Patio is the Way to Go

More Space for Entertaining

A patio is the perfect place to hold a birthday party, a backyard barbecue, or virtually any other event. Your guests will love being able to enjoy the nice weather from your patio, and you’ll love not having to clean up the inside of your house after the celebration is over. This is proof that although the patio installation process involves a bit of rearranging your outdoor schedule, its benefits will far exceed anything related to the timeline.

stone patio charlotte nc

One of the best things about outdoor patios is their versatility. When your patio installation is complete and just the way you want it, you can add a cover with a roof and add an entirely new level of entertaining options. A covered patio keeps those Charlotte, NC hot summer temperatures in check and protects guests and furniture from the sun. A patio is the necessary foundation for all other future backyard hardscaping endeavors.

Resale Value

In terms of one of the best exterior investments you can make, a patio, or patio installation (if you don’t already have one) is among them. it evens out the land and opens up a space where the family doesn’t have to worry about mud or dirt. A chic Charlotte, NC patio design increases joy and adds monetary value to your home.

Low Maintenance

As far as cleaning and maintaining go, patios are relatively easy to keep clean. Once your patio installation is complete, we’ll be sure you won’t have to put forth extra effort to keep your space clean because patio designs are tough and can withstand mother nature. Plus, with more patio, there is less lawn to keep up with during the warm months in the Charlotte, NC area.

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Additional Benefits of Stone Patios


Think about how many people will regularly be using your outdoor space and plan accordingly. It is also helpful to consider existing outdoor furniture you have or plan to buy. What size patio will give you enough space for your furniture, and room to comfortably walk around?


Do you like circles, curves or straight lines? Consider what outline flows with your property, and any existing outdoor features you want to compliment your patio installation. It can be helpful to use your garden hose to try different ideas and layouts for your patio outline.

Material Selections

Are you interested in pavers, brick, flagstone, or decorative gravel? These come in a variety of sizes and colors. You can choose one material for the main patio and another for your patio border. Save photos of the outdoor spaces and materials you like, so that we may look at them together!

Installation Options

Depending on the material, you may need to consider your patio installation options, such as dry-laid or set-in mortar. We'll help you determine the ideal installation method for your material and property and natural elements of your Charlotte, NC home.

Additional Elements

What elements do you want to have on your patio? How about a pathway or fire feature? You may even want a seat-wall along the border or a pergola for shade. This is the time to think of ways to increase privacy, which can be accomplished with landscaping, a trellis, or even a fireplace!

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