Custom Stone Walls

The Stone Man team of masons in Charlotte, NC, is ready to assist with planning your design, choosing materials that will complement your property, and constructing an enduring wall to function as desired while also adding enduring beauty to your landscape.

Build the Right Boundaries with Hand-Crafted Stone Walls

A stone wall or retaining wall is often one of many components in an overall hardscape design. It’s especially integral to design if you don’t happen to have a perfectly flat backyard, like many Charlotte residences do. A well-designed stone wall can stand alone on your Charlotte, NC property and convey a message of strength, versatility, and timelessness. The Stone Man designs and builds elegant boundaries with unique stone walls featured throughout your property.

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The Stone Man Process: Assembling a Retaining Wall in Your Charlotte Backyard

The construction of retaining walls is not always straightforward. It is more than the four letters make it out to be. It combines an expertise in architecture, an understanding of the forces of nature, and a little (or a lot) of knowledge about stone and its unique features. The Stone Man knows how to blend all of these to ensure the end result for your Charlotte, NC, property was exactly what you were hoping for. And more!

As expected, each property we visit in Charlotte and the surrounding areas is a bit different from one another. On the whole though, these are the main considerations when it comes to creating the perfect retaining wall.

  • Soil Characteristics: Understanding the soil composition is crucial. Different types of soil have varying drainage capacities and stability levels, which can impact the design and construction of the retaining wall. Charlotte has a variety but clay is often one of the most common.
  • Topography and slope: Analyzing the backyard for its distinct slope and natural features is important. The design and placement of a retaining wall should always complement what already exists in your backyard, whether huge slope or little slope.
  • Functionality: While we obviously want your retaining wall to be the most talked about on the block for its beauty, we also want it to actually serve a purpose. Whether erosion control, creating terraced spaces, or the like, we believe form follows function.
  • Homeowner preferences: The Stone Man will always offer our expert advice but we also value what you, as a homeowner and client, have to say. We make sure that our preference aligns with yours. This includes factoring in budget restrictions.
  • Drainage: This is absolutely essential when it comes to designing a premium retaining wall. The last thing we want is water accumulation so water runoff patterns and designing effective drainage systems is top of mind for The Stone Man.

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4 Reasons to Include a Stone Wall in Your Backyard Landscape

Prevent Soil Erosion

As a homeowner, there are specific maintenance and upkeep items that you cannot avoid, such as mowing the lawn. By adding a wall to your landscaping, you can cut down on maintenance issues around soil erosion and runoff. Talk to The Stone Man today to learn more about how our team can design the perfect stone wall to manage your erosion concerns.

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stone walls aesthetics stone man charlotte nc
Increase Aesthetic Appeal

Instantly upgrade the look of your backyard with a stone feature wall. The Stone Man’s team of expert designers can create a wall that fits in with the lifestyle, space, and flow of your property. It’s a very easy and effective way to enhance the overall design of your backyard. Plus, it increases the resale value.

Eco Friendliness

Stone Walls or retaining walls are an environmentally friendly option because they cause minimal disruption to the natural vegetation and landscape and can reduce stormwater runoff from causing erosion. They are typically made of sustainable materials that are affordable, long-lasting, and seamlessly blend with what already exists in your Charlotte backyard.

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Control Structure

If your lot is exceptionally hilly with extensive slopes and dropoffs, our team can design a system of walls that will allow you to maximize your backyard and have plenty of room for entertaining, playing, and relaxing. You can use walls for landscaping, too, adding planters to the edges or installing vertical gardens if you so please.

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Additional Benefits of Stone Walls


A stone retaining wall or feature wall is a great way to incorporate rustic, natural elements into your landscaping design. The Stone Man is Charlotte’s premiere team of stonemasons, and our designers are ready to craft the perfect stone wall to fit your needs.


Incorporate private elements into your Charlotte, NC hardscaping project with beautiful privacy walls designed for boundaries and protection. With a unique stone privacy wall, your family can safely play in the backyard without the look of a chain-link fence or the upkeep of a wooden fence.


Elevate your landscape by adding a custom stone wall built with one of the oldest materials in the world of construction. Our design team at The Stone man is ready to add an old-world flair to your unique and modern Charlotte, NC hardscape design with featured stone walls.

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