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The heat of a Charlotte, NC summer is no laughing matter, but a refreshing dip in your private pool can turn the dog days of summer into a summer to remember. 

Enjoy the Summer Sun From Your Private Swimming Pool

From small hot tubs to endless swimming spas, deep plunge pools, or more elaborate, multi-level swimming pools with waterfalls and fountains, The Stone Man team is ready to bring your vision to life. We are Charlotte, NC’s premier luxury stone pool deck designer and builder. 


The Stone Man team is here to help you choose the right swimming pool for your hardscape design that fits into your property, budget, and lifestyle.


We work with the best teams to incorporate your backyard pool dreams into a beautiful hardscape design.


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4 Reasons You Should add a Swimming Pool to Your Hardscape Design

Host the Best Parties

Whether it is a ladies’ night, a kids’ birthday, or a family cookout, you can elevate your hosting capabilities with a private backyard pool encased in expert stone craftsmanship. Increase your social value with the best-looking backyard, complete with custom-designed hardscaping and in-ground pool.

More Physical Activity

Whether you are swimming laps every day, practicing your water aerobics, or jumping around and splashing with your kids, time in the pool is guaranteed to increase your daily physical activity. Swimming pools are a great way to get the whole family more active each day while having fun.

Summer Savings

Rather than paying for a YMCA membership or spending money on trips to the local pool each summer, you can bring the pool day to the backyard. You can eat lunch at home rather than buy food from the pool concession stand, and you can keep an eye on your family by hosting the pool days.

pool coping
Increase Property Value

A beautifully designed stone pool feature is an excellent way to increase your property value and add a unique selling point when ready to resell your home. Our team of stonemasons and artisans can elevate your property with a beautiful stone pool deck to round out your hardscaping project.

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Live Life Outdoors

Additional Benefits of Pool Decks


Connecting with water is such a peaceful way to wind down after a busy day, and with an expertly crafted private pool surrounded by a custom stone pool deck, you can luxuriously relax anytime you step outside.


Create a stylish space for family and friends to gather in the summer months. The Stone Man hardscape designers are ready to craft an ideal pool hardscape design to match your goals, lifestyle, and budget.


The more complex your vision, the better! Our team excels at crafting unique stonework for intricate pools and challenging landscapes. We are here to design and build your private oasis, no matter how sloped your yard!

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