This gorgeous backyard project is a feast for the eyes. For starters, it overlooks a creek and a picturesque golf course in Charlotte. So, it already had a ton going for it. It had a natural slope which you may think could potentially cause design issues but instead, we used it to our advantage, creating multiple levels within the outdoor area. This family now has the ability to enjoy multiple unique spaces for gathering with their family and friends. The perspective is always changing.
Charlotte, NC
Project Elements:
Fire pit, Decking, Pool Coping, Fire Feature, Lighting, Spa
Definitely a top-notch, high-end, outdoor design and construction company. The Stone Man puts quality and communication in front of everything they do. The process from design to final walkthrough was planned out to a t and communication was as proactive as I have experienced in using construction firms. They have the creativity and skill to make your vision a reality, regardless of size and complexity. A great partner!”

Project Overview

This family wanted a full backyard redesign that rivaled the beauty of the creek and golf course just beyond, and we set out to deliver from the get-go. The client selected a shimmery silver travertine French pattern for the patio’s stone flooring, ensuring cool comfort for their feet in the warm Carolina summers. Additionally, we utilized the silver travertine as pool coping to enhance the overall cohesion of the design.

We installed natural stacked stone garden walls to add style and a bit of variety, texture, and interest to the space. This was a large-scale project that had a few challenges, but our team of skilled masons and professionals made this client’s vision a reality. Their pool, decking, retaining wall, spa, and outdoor lighting combine to create an everlasting Eden for one and all.

Project Features

Stone Patio

Fireplace Feature

Pool Coping

Retaining Wall

Water Features

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