Water Features

There’s something special about adding water features to your landscape, and The Stone Man installs the highest quality ponds, water fountains, and bubblers. We’ll take the time to understand your vision then design a custom water feature that perfectly suits your property.

Add Balance & Zen with a Custom Water Feature

Unique water features stand out against the hardscaping in your Charlotte backyard to create a focal point around your property. Adding a fountain can bring attention to certain areas of your hardscape design, while a trickling stream or waterfall creates beautiful moving lines. Your family can delight in the growth of fish or aquatic plants in a small pond or watch birds enjoying your water fountains and bubblers.

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4 Reasons to Include Water Features in Your Hardscape

Increase Your Curb Appeal

Future Charlotte homebuyers will enjoy the extra layer of visual interest in your landscaping and hardscaping choice with a water feature prominently displayed on your property. This extra boost of charm can add extra value to your property when buyers are envisioning their life in a new home.

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Improve the Quality
of Your Outdoor Space

When you incorporate stone water features into your hardscape design, you create a source of white noise that will help reduce the noise pollution you hear while relaxing on your Charlotte property. Also, if you follow the practice of feng shui, you know that a well-designed and efficient flowing water feature is a symbol of wealth flowing into your life.

Add Depth to
Smaller Properties

Adding well-designed and well-placed water features can help even the smallest of yards feel a little bit bigger. Incorporating a water feature into your landscape or hardscape design is a great way to add texture and depth, no matter how large or small your property.

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Boost the Overall
Mood of Your Property
Adding water features to your hardscape creates an atmosphere of relaxation and peace. The addition of flowing water can calm the mind and the spirit, which can make it even more enticing to sip your morning coffee from the porch or unwind from a long day on your patio.
Create a Focal Point

Let us help you design a custom water feature that can function as the centerpiece of your patio or garden area. We specialize in creating stone water features and will work with you to come up with a concept that will make your yard stand out. Our “Boulder Bubblers” are popular additions that will have everyone talking.

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Interested in a Charlotte Backyard Ponds Removal?

The Stone Man is here to help with all backyard ponds removal in Charlotte! We’ll make it as smooth a process as possible – it’s no simple task, but we’re ready to take it on. To begin, we’ll remove any plants and critters from the pond along with decorative pieces or electrical cords as well. The water, pond liner, and pond insert themselves are the last things to go before we fill the empty space with dirt or other materials you prefer. To discuss your backyard pond removal further, contact The Stone Man and we’ll help you get started.

If you’re wondering whether or not it’s time to get rid of your backyard pond, here are some things to consider:

  • If you find yourself constantly dealing with problems such as algae blooms, foul odors, or persistent water discoloration, it may be a sign that it’s time to consider removal.
  • If you find yourself overwhelmed by the amount of time and effort required to keep the pond in good condition, removal might be a viable option.
  • If you have young children or pets, backyard ponds can pose safety risks.
  • Over time, backyard ponds can develop structural issues or experience equipment failures that are costly to repair. If these problems become recurring, removal might be more practical than continuous repairs.
  • If you and your family rarely spend time enjoying the pond, it might be a sign that it’s no longer serving its purpose and removing it could free up space for other landscaping ideas.

Important Things to Note About Installing Water Features

Must Add Water

Most water features are going to need to be replenished with water periodically, especially during the hotter months of the year.

Routine Cleaning

Depending on the scope of your water feature, the pump, filter, and skimmer baskets will need to be routinely cleaned and/or replaced.

Seasonal Check-Ins

During the winter months, remember to keep an eye on the forecast and shut the water off before a freeze to prevent broken pipes or motor damage.

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Additional Benefits of Water Features


Elevate the relaxing atmosphere of your property with the gentle sounds of water fountains, bubblers, or waterfalls. Adding the peaceful sounds of water can reduce the impact of noise pollution in busy areas.


A water feature adds another layer of texture and depth to your landscape and hardscape design. The gentle fluidity of the water creates an exciting contrast between the solid stonework and sharp landscaping details.


A unique water feature connects your home with nature by attracting wildlife to your property. You can enjoy watching birds and other wildlife interacting with your water features, adding extra joy to your hardscape.

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