Outdoor Kitchens

One of the best ways to get outdoors in your Charlotte backyard more is to do your cooking there! Stone outdoor kitchens are a beautifully practical way for you to spend quality time outside. 

The Sky is The Limit With Your Cutting Edge Charlotte Stone Outdoor Kitchen

We base the design and appliance options for your Charlotte stone outdoor kitchen on your culinary preferences, entertaining plans, and personal style. A stone outdoor kitchen has so much to offer and we look forward to installing yours.


Outdoor kitchens can vary from a simple grill area to fully functional outdoor rooms with a stainless grill, pizza oven, refrigerator, and sink.


Most of The Stone Man outdoor kitchens start with a grilling area, and we usually design these to integrate with the patio and other outdoor living area components. Time to dine al fresco!


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4 Perks of Having an Outdoor Kitchen at Your Disposal


No, building an actual Charlotte stone outdoor kitchen isn’t free, but your energy bills will be lower. The heat from cooking outside won’t raise your home’s temperature, which means your air conditioner won’t have to work as hard.

Boosts Mental Health

Mental health is a buzzword these days and for a good reason. Outdoor living areas are good for your mental health. Fresh air and sunshine are scientifically proven to boost your mood and lower anxiety. People who cook outside in their outdoor kitchen receive more of these and get an excellent boost to their mental health.

Removes Food Smells

Avoiding food smells may not be the most glamorous reason you’d build outdoor kitchens in Charlotte, but there is a good chance that not everyone inside the home wants to smell fish or boiled eggs for the next few days. With an outdoor kitchen, that smell won’t linger. The breeze will just blow it away.

outdoor kitchens grill stone man charlotte nc
outdoor kitchens the stone man charlotte nc
Improves Your Waistline

Could having an outdoor kitchen help shed a few pounds? Well, maybe. Grilling enhances the taste of all foods, from fish to onions. Grilling is also a healthier cooking technique. When you grill meat, the fat drips off. Could a stone outdoor kitchen be the answer? We think so.

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Live Life Outdoors

Stone Outdoor Kitchen Must Haves

It’s obvious that the grill is a major component of your stone outdoor kitchen. However, there are some less talked about features that bring your  stone outdoor kitchen to life and we want to give you the low-down.


Not the most exciting outdoor kitchen feature but one that is absolutely necessary. Consider the material, how it will play into your prep station space, and how its design will impact counter space.

grill islands


Shade is essential, even with your outdoor kitchen. Al fresco dining is taken up a notch with a shady pergola over top and bonus--it will help protect your outdoor kitchen investment from Mother Nature.

outdoor kitchens charlotte nc stone man


 No one wants to eat standing up. Configure your seating so that it mimics what you have indoors but also ensure the chef, grill master, cook, is not too far away from the conversation.


Trash Drawer

You could just use a trash bag but a pull-out trash drawer is a bit more appealing. Save yourself all those constant trips inside. 



This seems like a no-brainer.  Save those constant trips inside and keep ingredients safely chilled until ready. While you’re at it, stick a few cold ones in there, too.

Additional Benefits of a Stone Outdoor Kitchen


An outdoor kitchen is perfect for entertaining neighbors and family members in Charlotte, NC. While food is grilled or cooked outside, guests can gather around and socialize. Since you're outdoors, you'll never be short on space.

Resale Value

Homebuyers consider stone outdoor kitchens a luxury feature, making your home more marketable. If your backyard is not large, build the outdoor kitchen accordingly because prospective buyers also enjoy open outdoor space. Plus, stone makes everything more attractive.


The beautiful thing about building an outdoor kitchen in Charlotte, North Carolina, is that you can start simple. You can add a small built-in grilling station, and then down the line, add a dining area or fire pit to create a complete outdoor kitchen.

Outdoor Kitchen Client Testimonials

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