For this client, cooking and eating outdoors are one of his greatest joys, and especially so in the summertime. And after taking just one sweeping glance at his decked out outdoor patio, it’s easy to see that influenced his design. This patio has everything that you could ever want from a stone pizza oven, to rotating fans, to a fire pit and fireplace to a sprawling conversational area perfect for watching the game.
Belmont, NC
Project Type:
Outdoor Kitchen, Fire Feature, Retaining Wall Covered Structure, Patios

Project Overview

For this project, we wanted to create a design that balanced looks with functionality and created multiple gathering “zones” or “hubs” within a limited space. We utilized a combination of synthetic stone that was similar to the client’s fireplace on his existing screened-in porch and sprinkled in natural stone accents throughout. As mentioned, the client was an outdoor cooking enthusiast so that was the focus in design, one inspired by a vacation the client had recently taken. We took a backyard that was essentially nonexistent and turned it into a space you dream about.

“You can tell that The Stone Man takes pride in their work. Even on-site, with their boots on the ground. They added elements to the design and sketches that weren’t even mentioned originally. They went over and beyond and are great at what they do–from a carpenter standpoint and a customer standpoint.”

Nance Family

This backyard truly glows and it’s a testament to what can happen when great design means beautiful stonework. We foresee many fond outdoor memories being created down the road and couldn’t be happier with the result.

Project Features

Covered Structure

Outdoor Kitchen

Fireplace Feature

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