This client approached us after purchasing a beautiful home on a very small, very narrow plot of land. Now we know what you are thinking—a small area to work with limits your options for hardscape improvements but that is simply not the case. See how we made this lean backyard into something mighty .

Charlotte, NC
Project Type:
Outdoor Kitchen, Patio, Fire Feature, Covered Structure, Wall
side yards
Side Yard Oasis
side yard oasis charlotte nc the stone man

Project Overview

To maximize the 60 foot long side yard, we knew that the construction as a whole would have to be linear. To keep definition, we constructed an outdoor kitchen, complete with built-in grill and counters made of single piece slabs of Crab Orchard gray stone, that separated the dining area from the conversational fire pit area. We wanted each aspect to look distinct. 

Neighbors have come over for football games and ladies group come over for conversation all of the time. In the two months we’ve had this patio, we’ve used it more than we’ve ever used it the whole span of time before. It was an unusable space that is now an oasis. We were very, very pleased with the finished product.”

Troha Family

side yard oasis charlotte nc project before side yard oasis charlotte nc project after

Project Features

Their fire feature, which keeps them cozy in both summer and winter, is a custom natural gas fire with glass beads that provides plenty of ambiance. Beyond their fireplace is a stone privacy wall that separates the space from the sidewalk and street. As a foundation for their patio, we laid the floor with Belgard Catalina Grana in Hatteras and the perimeter with Belgard Holland Stone Slate. Their narrow side yard is now the ultimate space for cooking, dining, and relaxing.

Dining Area

Stone Patio

Gas Fireplace

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