June 1, 2022 by The Stone Man

The 7 Advantages of Adding a Retaining Wall to Your Backyard

Retaining walls are finding their way into backyard gardens and landscapes of Charlotte homeowners everywhere. Their functionality in practical and design terms makes them a desirable investment. They easily transform unworkable inclines into outdoor space the whole family can utilize and set your backyard apart from everyone else’s in the neighborhood.

If you’re ready to start putting some serious consideration into your home’s landscape and you have some slope in your yard, retaining walls should be an essential part of the equation. Let’s discuss what makes retaining walls and the lateral support they supply so essential.

1. Creates More Usable Yard Space

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A more colorful landscape is an excellent way to show your character, and retaining walls can be your canvas. If you’re a lover of lush flowers and plants, retaining walls open up opportunities to create grand garden spaces to satiate your green thumb and make your neighbors green with envy. They add layers and dimension to an otherwise flat space.

And if you’re looking for additional retaining wall ideas, consider that they can give you and your family another space to sit outside and enjoy nature. Retaining walls serve a dual purpose. That way, you can host as many folks as you want for parties, cookouts, and festivities alike.

2. Reduces Erosion and Helps Yard Drainage

Charlotte’s rainfall averages 43 inches a year, which is higher than the national average. The possibility of flash floods and heavy rainfall means that homeowners need to stay vigilant and have a plan to combat erosion. The last thing you want is a child or neighbor twisting their ankle in a sinkhole or for all that money you put into fertilizing your grass to just wash away with a big summer storm.

It just so happens that the primary function of a retaining wall is averting soil erosion. If your property has sloped areas, opting for a dry-laid retaining wall block can help by creating a more level surface and ensure that erosion never becomes an issue.  

A retaining wall can help prevent your yard from flooding by providing better water drainage. Terracing will allow the soil to soak up all of the water instead of it running off and pooling in your backyard and making it a soggy mess.

A well-built retaining wall includes drainage pipes integrated into the wall’s design and installed as it’s built.  The pipes will give you better drainage and more water control.


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3. Helps Create Better Grass Turf Areas

There’s no need to go to the other side for greener pastures: install a retaining wall. With the combination of erosion reduction and proper drainage, you can create some stunning grass turf areas. 

And because the soil will soak up all of the water, any vegetation on the newly created spaces will stay verdant and beautiful.

4. Reshapes Slopes and Create Boundaries


For complete control over the contours throughout your yard, you can raise retaining walls to create a look that’s aesthetically pleasing to you. These walls make for an excellent tool in designing your dream landscape. A professional retaining wall constructor can act as an architect to design a custom configuration for your Charlotte home. 

Furthermore, a fence is only one solution for homeowners looking to create more natural boundaries between their yards and those of their neighbors. Hiring a professional specializing in retaining walls in Charlotte, NC, offers an attractive way to make a new boundary while discouraging others from encroaching on your property. Just as an FYI: If a retaining wall happens to be built on a property line, there must be mutual consent between the two neighbors.

5. Reduces Landscaping Maintenance

Many Charlotte homeowners love to pass the time tending to their backyards and property. But your leisure time can be precious, and you want to have time to relax and enjoy your yard on a pleasant afternoon. Yards with retaining walls generally require much less maintenance, giving you more time to follow your passions. They can help to keep soil and plants in place and reduce the need for regular maintenance, such as replanting or adding new soil. Bonus–they cause very minimal disruption to the natural vegetation that may already exist in your backyard.


6. Prevents Damage to Structures

If you have a patio, gazebo, or other structure on a lower platform, soil in the elevated areas of your backyard could eventually collapse and cause damage. The higher ground is held back when you construct a retaining wall, and these structures are adequately protected.

Additionally, retaining walls can be used to direct water flow away from other structures, such as a home or garage, which can also help to prevent water damage. Overall, a retaining wall can be an effective means of protecting other structures on a property from damage caused by soil erosion, water damage, and other factors.

7. Increases Property Value

Professionally installed retaining walls in Charlotte, NC, are guaranteed to increase the value of your home, both monetarily and aesthetically. Savvy homeowners and homebuyers alike will do a double take when they see a gorgeous retaining wall. It adds value to your property although not technically “curb” appeal, it might as well be.

Retaining walls come with many options, including masonry blocks with a custom stone or brick finish. They become part of your natural decor in no time, bringing value, aesthetics, and function to your backyard landscape.

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