March 15, 2022 by The Stone Man

5 Cozy Fire Pit Seating Ideas

Your fire pit isn’t just a gathering spot for friends and family. It’s the gathering spot when it comes to outdoor living. It’s a place to make lasting memories, the setting for good times to be had by all. In summer, it’s where you roast s’mores and rub shoulders with family you maybe haven’t seen in awhile. In autumn, it’s where you and your dearest cozy up with a glass of wine and top-notch conversation. It’s a convenient way to get that taste of the great outdoors without actually leaving Charlotte.

However, it would be pretty much impossible to evoke any of the feelings above if comfortable seating wasn’t part of the equation. You don’t want anyone to be left out of the huddle, to be too far away to join in on festivities, or to simply be sitting on something uncomfortable.

Your fire pit seating can be as elaborate and whimsical or as subtle and straightforward as you like. There are truthfully endless options. Below are five of our favorite outdoor fire pit seating ideas, with a little something for everyone’s aesthetic.

1. Adirondack Chairs

Custom Fire Pit Feature Design fire pit seating ideas

Adirondack chairs are perhaps the most classic seating option for fire pits and backyard patios. They’re comfortable, versatile, and available in different color options to coordinate with any color scheme. They are easy to recline in because of their contoured design, creating an incredibly relaxing atmosphere to take in the warming fire. They have wide armrests, too, if you need to set down a glass or a plate. Bonus, more often than not they are portable so if you need to rearrange their positioning, it is super easy to do so. They will simply never go out of style.

2. Wicker Patio Furniture

Cozy Fire Pit Seating Ideas

A wicker furniture set offers a timeless, cohesive, zen look to any backyard fire pit. Not only is wicker an attractive and very durable option, but it also creates a calming atmosphere around your fire pit.

Wicker patio furniture provides an excellent backdrop for incorporating your design, such as cushions and decorative pillows. Lightweight wicker furniture will also allow guests to sit as close to the fire pit as they feel comfortable. Wicker sets also often come with an accompanying table so if you want to switch up the vibe, it’s easy to do so so.

We know pollen season gets pretty ridiculous in North Carolina come spring time so another great advantage to wicker is that it’s easy to clean.


3. Sunken Fire Pit with Built-In Stone Seating

Sunken Fire Pit Seating


A sunken fire pit with built-in seating creates an all-encompassing backyard experience with careful and intentional planning. Bring the feeling of a luxurious retreat to your home with a full bench surrounding your sunken stone fire pit. You can incorporate cushions, pillows, and blankets to amplify the aesthetic.


4. Circular Stone Benches

Circular Stone Bench

Stone benches are one of the most beautiful fire pit seating ideas but can also be one of the most elaborate. Stone may not sound like the coziest of fire pit seating ideas, but throw pillows, and bench cushions can make a whole world of difference. 

Many homeowners with stone fire pits choose to incorporate the same type of stone elsewhere in their hardscaping, and a circular bench is a great place to do that. Most circular stone benches are custom-built to match the exact dimensions and aesthetic of the rest of the area, which we recommend leaving to the professionals.

5. Honorable Mentions

You can be creative with your fire pit seating options, especially when hosting a crowd. Adding multi-purpose features and decorations to your hardscape design provides extra seats for visitors. Decorative tree stumps, lounge chairs, and transitional patio furniture are great options.

As you choose components for your hardscape patio, think bigger by selecting elements that will allow your space to grow and shift depending on the groups you host. When considering additional seating options, keep in mind the different types of visitors you may host around the fire pit to ensure all guests have a safe and enjoyable experience.

Start Your Fire Pit Seating Project

fire pit seating ideas

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