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The first step in outdoor living is the step out of the door onto your patio. The Stoneman patios of natural stone or paver patios are designed to integrate seamlessly with your home and yard – to make that first step outside a pleasant experience every time.

At Stoneman we take great pride installing paver patios or natural stone patios. Outdoorliving spaces such as a patio is your seating area, your relaxing area, your yard observation area, and often your entertaining area. It is the core of your outdoor living environment.

With these things in mind, the design of the patio is key to a successful yard and usually comes close to the front in the creative process. There are many variables depending on your preferences. Do you like flowing curves or straight lines? Straight lines with rounded corners, or meandering edges? Stone or pavers, irregular or cut, large or small, colors to complement the house, or to provide contrast?

These are the decisions we will work on together to create the perfect patio for your home.

Many new homes come with decks. Sometimes, decks are perfect for a particular home. Often though, you may find that your deck is not such an inviting place as you would like it to be. You want to be outdoors, but the deck is just not perfect… sitting on the deck feels exposed but at the same time claustrophobic. You are on display, and yet not really in the yard… why does it feel this way?


The simple truth is that many decks actually cut you off from your yard instead of opening it up to you. You are not actually in the yard, and you are cut off from it by a railing and an awkward set of steps. Perhaps this is why so many homeowners ask us to replace their decks with patios.

The patio is at ground level, so there is no railing. You are directly in the yard, and not elevated for the neighbors to see. Call David or George today at 704 616 7948 or contact us to fix your deck problem once and for all!


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