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For most projects our team designs a three dimensional structural model of the installation as part of the scope of our work. That means the design is free and included in the cost of your project. Three dimensional modeling gives you much more than a traditional landscaping design. It includes the height of all elements as well as the plan view. This means you can see fully rendered perspective views of your project from every angle. You can have a virtual tour of what is to be built, long before the first stone is laid.


Our creative process is designed for maximum input from you. The beauty of our 3D models is that once the initial model is created, we can change all aspects of the design “on the fly”. So, we can review the design together and try numerous different options, while sitting together, in real time. We can also evaluate the cost implications at the same time.


The idea is to keep you in full control of the design and the cost.


How Our Design Process Works…


After you request a design, our job is to go away and come back with a first draft review. We take pictures, measurements, and input from you. Then we sit down again and take a look at it.


1st draft review:


I like it, but how about if we changed the way the outside of the patio is….

That’s better… now can we see it with the wall extended and a column added.

Looks great. Now, how much extra did that cost?


We can then calculate using our online pricing in less than a minute!


This process is repeated as many times as it takes to get the design and cost looking how you want them to look. Sometimes this takes ten minutes, sometimes it takes ten weeks! Usually a couple of meetings are sufficient. Our mission is to fine tune your vision to exceed your expectations.


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