How We Train


How We Train

Construction Core Values

Our craft is a balance of art and engineering backed up by a true understanding of proven age-old principles.  We strive to couple our passion for stonework with a commitment to modern building techniques and local codes.  Our tendency is to over-engineer our projects, so that inspections are a formality.  We do this by studying buildings and walls that have been around for hundreds of years and have successfully weathered the test of time.  We aim to understand the underlying secrets behind these long standing dry stone structures.  It is this structural integrity that we want to always bring to you.

With a full understanding of dry stone construction, the same principles can be adapted for all kinds of outdoor living areas and landscaped gardens, large or small.

The Stone Man, LLC is a fully licensed General Contractor in both North Carolina and South Carolina.  Get started now by calling David or George at (704) 616-7948!